About Us

Ettrick and Yarrow Parish comprises three Church buildings situated in Kirkhope (in the village of Ettrickbridge), Yarrow and Ettrick. 

Our congregation holds weekly Sunday services alternating between Kirkhope and  Yarrow throughout the year and we also worship at Ettrick during the spring to autumn each year.

We are part of the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles which covers a part of the Scottish Borders and is made up of 14 charges covering 18 congregations that worship within 22 churches. The Presbytery predominantly serves rural congregations while also having two more substantial communities of Peebles and Galashiels. The Presbytery is the largest of three Scottish Border Presbyteries, with Duns Presbytery to its east and Jedburgh Presbytery to its south.


We are currently without a full-time minister and are actively working with the Presbytery as it develops a new plan for all the churches and minister positions within its area including linking arrangements with Ashkirk and Selkirk Parish Churches. 

We are delighted that Reverend Margaret Steele is acting as our interim Moderator. 


interim moderator


Reverend Margaret Steele  Tel.  01750 23308 (email: msteele@churchofscotland.org.uk

Session Clerk

Nora Hunter  (email: info@ettrickandyarrow.church


Jean Guthrie

Fabric Conveyner

Roy Storie


Andy Wright


 The Kirk Session comprises the following Elders: 

  • Gordon Beveridge 
  • Alison Blackadder 
  • Ann Blundell 
  • Chris Carroll 
  • Elizabeth Davidson 
  • Nora Hunter 
  • George Jack 
  • Lucile MacLeod 
  • Sylvia Shouesmith 
  • Lord David Steel
  • Roy Storie 
  • Jane Telfer 
  • Caryl Thompson 
  • Susan White 
  • Lindsay Wilson 
  • Andy Wright 

In addition, the following Groups exist to support our Congregation, enhance our Ministry and develop our Church:

  • Ministry Group ( Alison Blackadder, Ann Blundell, Nora Hunter, Andy Wright)
  • Fundraising (Alison Blackadder)
  • Education (Ann Blundell)
  • Pastoral Group (Lindsay Wilson, Jim Wallace, Elizabeth Davidson)
  • Safeguarding (Susan White)
  • Churches Together in Selkirk and Valleys (Nora Hunter)